11 janvier 2013

Memup SlidePad NG 9716DC

Memup, digital entertainment specialist, is expanding its range of touch tablets with a new model, the NG SlidePad 9716DC. It follows a tablet we've tested recently, SlidePad NG 9716. The DC version has a dual processor heart as the previous chip has a single heart. Thus, the Dell Studio 1555 Battery performance should be better.

We spent some time with the touch pad Memup SlidePad NG 9716DC and here are our impressions during a complete test

The handling

Externally, the tablet Memup SlidePad NG 9716DC resembles nothing so much as NG version 9716. It is 4/3 as the iPad while almost all Android tablets is in 19/6. The NG SlidePad 9716DC is slightly thicker than the NG 9716. It measures 242.5 x187, 6x11, 8 mm and weighs 580 grams against 240.6 x187x8, 9 mm for the same weight.

The SlidePad NG 9716DC is equipped with two cameras (one for NG 9716). The first front is 0.3 Mp and the second back, 2 Mp. This is the minimum "vital". There are two speakers.

In terms of connectivity, the NG SlidePad 9716DC has a headphone jack, a microUSB jack, a power connector, a mini HDMI output and a slot for memory cards microSD (up 32 GB). There are traditional buttons / off / standby and dual button to increase or decrease the volume. The microUSB jack allows you to connect a USB drive, a keyboard or a mouse via adapter supplied with the tablet. We appreciate it. In addition, the tablet is compatible with 3G.

The memory card has a location more easily accessible than the NG version 9716 which required removing a cover to insert the storage media.

Finishes the tablet NG 9716DC is correct and the device seems well made.

The tablet screen Memup SlidePad NG 9716DC measure 9.7 inches and displays a definition of 1024x768 pixels. It does not benefit an IPS panel. However, the colors are correct and brightness significantly. You can count on Wi-Fi b / g / n and Bluetooth missing on SlidePad NG 9716.

System and applications

The tablet Memup SlidePad NG 9716DC runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. As the NG 9716, there is no overlay software. It can not (officially) to access the download platform applications Google Play Store. However, downloading and installing the firmware available on the manufacturer's website, it appears.

The preinstalled Dell Inspiron E1505 applications are: Calendar, Aldiko, Camera, Brief Me, Calculator, Contacts, Email, ES Files Explorer, Gallery, Application Manager, GetJar (alternative platform for downloading applications), Clock, Music, Browser Norton Mobile Security, Office Suite, Search, Shazam and Video Player.

Note the presence of Norton Mobile Security application that helps protect your device against viruses. Even if it is a trial version, it's nice to be aware of safety shelf since in theory, it is also stated that on a computer.


As noted in the introduction, Slide Pad NG 9716DC has a dual A9 Amlogic 8726-heart MX. The technical Memup indicates a frequency of 1.5 GHz while applications Elixir2 Quadrant Standard and display a maximum frequency of 1.2 GHz ... It is associated with 1 GB of RAM. The tablet ships 16GB of internal memory with a little more than 11 GB are actually available for storing data and installing applications.

To evaluate the raw performance of the tablet, we submitted several measurement tools Quadrant Standard. The application is not SmartBench compatible with this tablet.

The SlidePad NG 9716DC fared significantly better than the NG version 9716. It is almost on a par with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.


The video player is capable of playing videos to AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, VOB, MKV, TS, TP, as well as JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG. In audio, the tablet is compatible with MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, AAC.

HDMI output provides a Full HD picture on a compatible TV. The tablet Memup SlidePad 9716DC NG displays the movie on the TV but keeps the virtual control over the tablet, the screen remains active that was not the case with NG 9716.

For web browsing, the tablet allows a good display pages. We tested the terminal Browsermark and in SunSpider. Here are the results. Under Browsermark, the higher the score, the higher the fluid navigation and display elements fast. In SunSpider, the opposite is true.


The tablet is powered by a Dell Vostro 1320 Battery with a capacity of 5500 mAh (6000 mAh version NG 9716). With Wi-Fi on, brightness set to 50%, we were able to play a video loop for about 5 hours. This is less than the SlidePad NG 9716 which takes 6 hours.

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15 décembre 2012

Toshiba U920T: slide screen in Windows 8

Dell Inspiron 6400 like a great tablet when closed. High even at the top of its 12.5-inch 16/9 format. But appearances are deceptive. In addition to its touch capabilities, the U920T is indeed a full-fledged ultrabook. Small clarification before moving on to serious matters, the U920T that we received was an advanced prototype. We therefore expect to receive a commercial version for a test and a more complete view.


After the shelves dock and back screens that we attack a new hybrid format Windows 8. If the concept of sliding screen is not new (remember, it was quite popular on high-end phones in the pre-iPhone / post Matrix), it is very common in the PC world. Remains to be seen whether it is effective in practice.

Externally, the U920T is pretty nice but it is a break with the Z830 ultrabook which was previously the flagship of the manufacturer. Forgotten all magnesium, one passes to a mixture of metal and plastic significantly more common. The finish is pretty good but we must admit that the look of this U920T us not only packed more than that. It may be superficial, but it is undeniable that the design is THE spot differentiating ultrabooks, touchscreen or not. And in this game, the dell latitude d630 is clearly not one of our favorites, with a relatively high weight (1.5 kg) given its screen size of 12.5 inches.

The connection is good however with two USB 3, HDMI and SD card reader. Necessarily the buttons on the edge are not very easy to operate but we appreciate that to disable the automatic switching of the display.

Transformation laptop / tablet is easy to make, simply drag the screen back flat until you reach a stop and then raise it. The mechanism is as impressive as complex. There are two metal rails on each side of the screen and in the center a connecting web which follows the movement.

It is very well done and a good demonstration of micromechanics. Hopefully longevity either appointment. One can not help but wonder how many movements survive the mechanism ...

We will also pay attention to the water between screen and keyboard is visible (and vulnerable) when the screen is deployed. The latter can then tilt its way between flat and in the upright position but if you want to enjoy the keyboard should be opened up. It is therefore in the presence of a computer all that is more standard.

However, as we lose the space at the rear, the keyboard is a bit packed but otherwise comfortable. The touchpad is really small which in turn is not as annoying as most of the action takes place on the touch screen. For consultation in tablet mode, the dell latitude d830 screen size is very nice. It will not take very long in the U920T hand but if we can rely on the knees, use tablet is nice.

Lack of energy resolution

The screen adopts an unusual size of 12.5 inches. Unfortunately the resolution is limited since there is here a simple 1366 x 780 pixels. This is a disappointing choice on many levels. Windows 8 really earns using a high resolution and performance that enables a processor Intel Core i, Full-HD could be done without resource problems. Resolution aside, the IPS screen is of good quality, with good viewing angles and a bright and nice colors.

The tactile part is also very good, Gorilla glass with a good glide. There all along recognized his own five fingers at the same time. It is not embarrassing for a single user but it can be problematic for some multiplayer games touch for example.

Inside, we find the typical configuration of a ultrabook end of this year 2012 with an Intel Core i5 3317U, 4GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD This is more than sufficient to run Windows 8 and perfectly sufficient for all tasks. The HP 484170-001 Battery life is also pretty good because it reaches 5 hours.

Toshiba U920T: yes but

Toshiba U920T leaves us with a mixed impression. The device itself is quite convincing. Despite a design that does not in the sexy, Toshiba offers us a notebook without compromise. The performance is good and the finish too. However, the concept of sliding screen leaves us skeptical. Indeed, U920T is not smaller than a standard ultrabook but has many mechanical stress such as a EliteBook 8540p Battery and a touchpad cramped, unable to completely control the tilt of the screen, not to mention a mechanical component by nature with risk of breakage. This format therefore seems less convincing than the Lenovo Yoga, which is also more versatile in use. However, the sliding screen is now more popular and we are also currently testing the Sony Vaio Duo uses the same principle.

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